Enjoy all the services that El Pou de Ses Garites offers


Our most special place is the library, situated in the old cellar on the ground floor, near to the entrance. A cool and quiet room with thick insulating walls allows the guests to read, watch television, navigate the internet or have a relaxed chat.

This room is also used for some of the cultural activities and workshops organised throughout the year.

Interior dining room

For breakfast in the winter and the heat of the summer. Its wonderful lighting and decoration makes it a very pleasant place to start or end the day, whilst enjoying our natural products and unique cuisine.

Ses Garites offers an on-demand restaurant service. Each day you can choose between the local dishes prepared by our host and chef, using produce ecologically or locally grown and from our suppliers, such as La Coromina.

Xarxa de Pagesos Agroecològics

Outdoor pool and bar

Outside, under a porch fully integrated into the landscape, there is a bar and terrace complete with barbecue. Alongside the swimming pool is perfect for enjoying a drink or just enjoying the night air, and for those who prefer a simpler menu, such as grilled meats or cured and cold meats with Catalan tomato bread.

Meeting room or lounge

The first floor of country houses like Ses Garites, is an experience in itself. The house integrates itself perfectly into its surroundings through its Renaissance and Gothic windows and sunlight floods the lounge. All of the room’s objects remind us of the house’s unique history and its essential solidity, such as the window benches and the delicate hand basin.

In this room our guests can read or chat, or just relax. For business groups or meetings, the room can be converted into the ideal place for discussing and working in a creative and relaxed way.


The reception area allows our visitors to gradually enter into the Ses Garites experience. In its walls you will find stories from times gone by, when this house was much more than a place to sleep. It was a refuge and way of surviving, the means and finality of many stories and tales that we invite you to get to know.


Masage service. Sesion: 50€


It is about the integration of diferent tecniques such as: Rolfin, freeing the articulations, Tai masage and craneosacral therapy. This integration allows us to treat the body in all of the dimensions (muscles, bones, articulations, facsias, etc.) and it becomes this way in a therapy that considers the body as a whole. This kind of massage is specially designed to free you of profound tensions in your body and reach some kind of body conscience. It is specially good for back pains and all kind of body injuries.