About us

The project: our principles and values Coll Benet and Gemma Carbó, together with our children, friends and colleagues with this project we want to realize a dream: to make possible the recovery of cultural heritage and natural Empordà (history and landscape to which we belong) enable and articulate a sustainable life and work.

About us

Ses Garites’ promoters have a background in humanist studies, history and cultural management.

In this extraordinary fortified country house we have found a unique location in which we try and provide a balance between tourism and culture, creation and respect for the past, learning and leisure, activity and peacefulness, conversation and silence, celebrations and reflections…, a place where we would like you to feel like our most important guest.

We support the conservation of the historic memory and our cultural and natural heritage as an innovative resource for local development.

We believe in the viability of an alternative, sustainable and cultural tourism model for Empordà.